I undertake private commissions on request. The process is relatively simple in that following an initial meeting with a client, commissioning art allows you to choose the subject matter, colour theme, style, dimensions and establish a budget. 

Commissioning my work is a highly personal process and is an unique way of purchasing and personalising a piece of my work for your home. Working with you on a commission will take you on an incredible journey that allows you to have input and be involved in the creation of a specific piece of work that will remain unique to you/family. Invoicing can be made in two instalments, a deposit to start and the balance on completion, meaning that both parties interests are protected.


“Artwork copyright is retained by myself (Artist) and I retain the rights to reproduce the art in the future with the client’s approval. Copyright can be specifically signed over to the you at an agreeable fee and the arrangement will be in made writing and signed by both parties as a legal contract”.