TALK TALK – An online interview

On one of the hottest days last summer, I was interviewed on “Llanelli Online News” for a casual chat about my work, location and lifestyle. 

It was a long relaxing interview in our garden overlooking the stunning Gower Peninsula and as the video shows, the panoramic views left the editor in awe. He asked a number of questions relating to my reasons for relocating to Machynys Bay and the link between the coastal outlook and my paintings. 

Since moving to West Wales just over 5 years ago, my life has completely changed. This beautiful coastal location is a major influence in my work as most of my paintings are based on Welsh seascapes. Art has now become an important part of my life and combined with fishing and kayaking, the lifestyle has never been better either. It is without doubt, the place to be.


A number of paintings have been produced this year which can be viewed on my website. Some of these have been sold and a selection are currently on display at the Beach House restaurant in Oxwich Bay and the Coast restaurant in Saundersfoot.


On 7 January 2019, S4C featured a new series on small gardens in Wales called “Pobl a’u Gerddi” and the production company were keen to show a coastal garden with an interesting lifestyle story. Much to my surprise, they liked the idea of the connection between my paintings and our coastal garden which overlooks the stunning Gower Peninsula. The filming was undertaken in the early part of July this year which was perfect as the weather was just right. Our slot was featured in the first series which seemed to have been well recevied.

Another S4C programme “Prynhawn Da” interviewed me in June of this year and I was delighted to have been given another opportunity to talk and feature examples of my work.