A Reflection in Time

Back in 1971, I produced this oil painting following the completion of my graphic design studies at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design, Bromley.

During my three years away studying, I found little time to take up fine art painting but eventually, a soul-stirring theme based on a poem I had written a couple of years previously titled – A Winter’s Way of Telling, paved the way to paint again.  

To capture the mood and atmosphere of the poem, it was down to the wielding of the palette knife which allowed the texture of the oil paint to accomplish the desired effect.

I can still recall the enthusiasm I had in painting this subject matter and when my dear mother expressed her fondness for the finished painting, it hung proudly in my parents’ home for several years and remained within the family until recently. The original painting has now found its final resting place in my home and it will always have a strong emotional value.

Frame size: 140cm x 62cm
Medium: Oil on canvas

Limited edition fine art prints available on request:
Giclee prints to any size, signed, double- mounted & certified /50. Quality framing can also be arranged.

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