Burry Port Beachfront

This is a large scale painting (250cm x 150cm) of the beachfront at Burry Port. With the view of the iconic lighthouse and the harbour wall, the Gower Peninsula in the background and the dramatic skyline, the composition presented a very powerful image for a painting.

Due to the large scale format of the painting, this task presented a very different approach to the usual way I tackled a painting. It was a process that enabled me to take on the challenge for the other large scale paintings with greater confidence.


Private Commission

“ While building our contemporary new home on the coast we soon came to the conclusion that our current collection of framed prints would not do justice to the house. We had a palette of colours, based on the shade of timber, floor tiles, stone and wall colour that we wanted to use. At our first meeting with Vyvyan and his wife Barbara, it became clear that our colour ideas and potential landscape scenes could be captured on canvas. The advice and sharing of their experiences were crucial in terms of canvas sizes, frame design/colour along with potential locations to show off the artwork. We moved in six months ago and can honestly say we are delighted with our “Living with Art“. Comments from visitors are most complimentary.”

Paul and Shirley Lines

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