Mwnt Church

My long overdue visit to Mwnt in 2014 was not ideal in terms of the weather – it was very misty and damp but it did not deter me to try and capture an engaging composition for an oil painting. One wet and murky weekend, the conditions to some extent reminded me of that day in Mwnt so I decided to get on with the painting I had in mind. 

The atmosphere of that day had to be reflected in the painting and hopefully, the end result represents a truly beautiful place that can be admired come rain or shine! A gathering storm building up into such a spectacular atmosphere presented another opportunity to capture the dramatic scene on canvas.

With the focus on one of the historic lighthouses perched on the rocky peninsula of this tidal island, the turbulent waves present an ambiance of mystical quality – the exact aura I set out to express in my painting.

Frame size: 95cm x 75cm
Medium: Oil on canvas

Limited edition fine art prints available:
Giclee prints to any size, signed, double-mounted & certified 1/250. Quality framing can also be arranged.

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