An Iconic Landmark

The Green Bridge of Wales is one of the most famous landmarks in Wales and one of the most spectacular sites on the Pembrokeshire Coast. It is located close to Castlemartin in the south of the county and is adjacent to the Stack Rocks and the Cauldron.

The Green Bridge is a limestone arch and it is the limestone of the South Pembrokeshire Coast that is responsible for some of the most beautiful natural features. My painting depicts a memorable view of the natural arch with the deep blue sea highlighting its rugged and distinctive features.

Within days of completing the painting, the Green Bridge of Wales was damaged after the recent Storm Ophelia. A large overhanging chunk of the outer wall of the sea arch fell into the sea and changed its unique profile forever. The image of this great icon will remain as I remembered it.

Frame size: 
92cm x 62cm
Oil on canvas

The original painting is available to purchase.  Limited edition Giclee print is also available to a specified size.  

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